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Ohio's oldest and most successful AAU Program

OBC is one of the most prominent summer AAU youth and high school basketball programs in the country, with roots dating to 1983!

We are dedicated to proper instruction both on and off the court.  Our players meet new friends, meet mentors, and consistently take their game to another level. 

OBC has been extremely successful at developing future leaders by raising the bar for dedication, expectations and integrity.  Our ultimate goal is to help build a more promising future for your young athletes.

It has been well documented that OBC is the most successful AAU program in Ohio history.  You can see examples of this success by checking out the alumni section of our site.  We currently have placed over 350 players on basketball and football scholarships and have had nearly 30 athletes go on to play professional sports.

We are the only Adidas sponsored AAU program in the state of Ohio.  We consistently give our high school players the opportunity to play in front of college coaches and the top recruiting services in America.  It is not uncommon for our high school athletes to play in front of 50 to 100 college coaches in each game during the NCAA live-periods.

We are one of the most respected AAU programs in the country and this is evident by the large number of major college programs that consistently recruit our player’s year-after-year.


About our Director Michael Duncan

Mike Duncan's History with OBC

  • Joined AAU under Melvin Banchek in 1985. 
  • Banchek retired in 1990 to focus on his family and law office
  • Mike Duncan started Cleveland Basketball Club with one team (17/under) team.
  • Coached Cleveland Basketball Club to seven straight 17/under AAU Nationals Championship tournaments, making it to the final four.
  • Adidas Bigtime started in 1995 and Mike coached his 17U team to the "Sweet 16" four times and the elite eight twice. 
  • Mike Duncan is on the state committee for the McDonald All-American game, selection committee.
  • Mike has been on the selection committee for the prestige Adidas ABCD Camp.
  • Mike Duncan is on the selection committee for Adidas All-American game.
  • Mike individually has relationships with over 300 college coaches on all levels along with several scouting services. 
  • Mike has run numerous exposure showcases as well as several NBA summer showcase camps for Free Agents.

OBC on Twitter

OBC Alumni Success Speaks for Itself

Adidas Nations Participants

  • Byron BJ Mullens
  • Yancey Gates
  • Rayshawn Goins
  • Danny McElroy
  • Elijah Brown
  • Chane Behanan
  • Devin Williams
  • Carlton Bragg
  • Ray Kasongo
  • Maverick Rowan

McDonald's All-American Game Participants

  • *Gary Grant--Canton McKiney
  • *Luther Clay—MCI
  • *Ivan Harris--Oak Hill
  • *Jawad Williams--Lakewood St. Edwards
  • *B.J. Mullens--Canal Winchester
  • *Chane Behanan--Bowling Green
  • *Tyler Ulis--Chicago, IL
  • *Dakari Johnson - Kentucky
  • Carlton Bragg - New Mexico
  • Darius Bazley--NBA OKC
  • Damon Flint - Cincinnati
  • Tregg Lee - Ohio State

Michael Jordan High School All-American Game Participants

  • Jawad Williams - St. Eds
  • Dakari Johnson - Mt. Vernon
  • Tyler Ulius
  • Darius Bazley - Cin. Princeton
  • Alonzo Gaffney--Brewster Academy
  • Darius Bazley--NBA OKC
  • B.J. Mullins - Canal Winchester

Adidas H.S. All-American Game Participants:

  • Ivan Harris--Oak Hill
  • Jamar Butler--Lima Shawnee
  • Eric Johnson-Cincinnati Woodward
  • Yancey Gates--Cincinnati Withrow
  • Mychal Parker--Prep NC
  • Chane Behanan--Bowling Green

Professional Basketball Players:

  • Gary Grant (Michigan)--(Retired)
  • Kevin Edwards (DePaul)--(Retired)
  • Eric Riley (Michigan)--(Retired)
  • James Posey (Xavier)--(Retired)
  • Nene Hilliaro (none)--Washington Wizards
  • B.J. Mullens (Ohio State)--Charlotte 
  • Earl Boykins (E.Michigan)--(Retired)
  • Darius Bazley - Oklahoma City Thunder
  • TJ McConnell - Indiana Pacers

Professional Football Players

  • Tim Cheatwood--Houston Titans
  • London Fletcher--Washington Redskins
  • Orlando Pace--Chicago Bears (retired)
  • Joe Jurevicus--Cleveland Browns (retired)
  • Chris Chambers--K.C. Chiefs (retired)
  • Bam Childress--New England (retired) 
  • Jeff Cumberland--NY Jets
  • Aaron Dotson--New England Patroits
  • Travis Kelec--Kansas City Chiefs

NBA Coaches:

  • Jordi Fernandez--Denver Nuggets
  • Monty Mathis--LA Clippers
  • Somanthio Clancy--Dallas Mavericks
  • Mike Gansey--Cleve D-League
  • Steven Gansey--Ft. Wayne
  • Orlando Early--Memphis
  • James Posey--Cleve Cavs 
  • Wes Bohn--Minnesota Timberwolves

NFL Coaches:

Melvin Tucker--Chicago Bears

College Coaches:

  • Jarred Calhoun--Head Coach Youngstown State
  • Jermaine Kimbrough--Assistant Coach Loyola ChicagoKevin Roach--Assistant Coach Pittsburgh Pirates (baseball)
  • Andy Hipsher--Assistant Texas Pan-American
  • Ryan Wiersma--Assistant at Eastern Kentucky
  • Rick McFadden--Duquense
  • Adeniyi Amadou--Assistant Coach Kentucky 
  • Kevin Edwards--Assistant DePaul
  • Mick Cronin--UCLA
  • Kyle Triggs--Assistant coach Rutgers
  • Chris Bess--Assistant coach Edinboro
  • Anthony Stacey--Assistant Coach BGSU
  • Brennan Brooker--Walsh
  • David Harris--North Kentucky
  • Kyle Jefferson--Hiram

NFL & NBA Championship Participants:

  • Orlando Pace--St. Louis Rams (football)
  • London Fletcher--St. Louis Rams (football)
  • Joe Jurevicius--N.Y. Giants, Tampa Bay Seattle (football)
  • Bam Childress--New England Patroits (football)
  • James Posey--Miami Heat and Boston Celtics (basketball)

NJCAA National Championship Participants:

  • Darren Tarver--Wabash Valley
  • Omar Wesley--Wabash Valley
  • Mike Melton--C.C.C.
  • Grant Urbanski--C.C.C.
  • Mike Duncan--C.C.C.

NCAA National Championship Participants:

  • Jawad Williams--North Carolina (basketball)
  • Bam Childress--Ohio State (football)
  • Tim Cheatwood--Ohio State (football)
  • Marcus Parker--Findlay (basketball)
  • Nate Hyde--Findlay (basketball)
  • Chane Behanan--Louisville (basketball)
  • Zach Price--Louisville (basketball)
  • Tyler Sparks--Findlay (basketball)
  • Michael Duncan--CCC

NIT Championship Participants:

  • Jamar Butler--Ohio State (champion)
  • Matt Tewillger--Ohio State (champion)
  • Danny Morrissey--Penn State (champion)

NAIA Basketball Championship Participants:

  • Jared Calhoun (coach)--Walsh U.
  • Kyle Triggs (coach) -Walsh U.

Ohio's Mr. Basketball Winners:

  • Jamal Butler (Lima Shawnee)--Ohio State
  • Sonny Johnson (Garfield Heights)--Ohio U.
  • Byron Gladden (Lorain Admiral King)--VCU
  • Malcom Sims (Shaker Heights)--Indiana

Football High School All American Game

  • Orlando Pace--Ohio State
  • Rob Rose--Ohio State
  • Danny Davis--Wisconsin
  • Chris Chambers--Wisconsin
  • Tyreke Smith--Ohio State

Ohio's Mr. Football Winners:

  • Orlando Pace (Sandusky)--Ohio State
  • Bam Childress (Bedford Chanel)--Ohio State
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